What's For Breakfast on the Carnivore Diet?

If you’re not prepared, you can make some big mistakes eating breakfast on the carnivore diet.

People do carnivore for different reasons, but I’m going to assume that you understand the danger of sugar and want to avoid it.

Stay away from bacon. The vast majority of bacon has sugar added to it, so even if you’re not avoiding processed foods (bacon is generally cured), bacon is a major risk. You can always flip the package over. If it has more than two ingredients (pork, salt) than put it back.

Sorry, but you won’t be ordering bacon and eggs at Denny’s on the carnivore diet.

Stay away from ham. Similar to bacon, it’s generally cured and has sugar added.

You probably also need to stay away from sausage. Even if you don’t care that it’s processed, it probably has sugar or corn syrup added, and certainly has something that’s not animal products in it.

Now that I’ve dashed your hopes by eliminating the three most common breakfast meats, what can you eat?

Eggs are a decent choice. You can cook them in lots of different ways, and mix it up between butter and tallow. I’ve done both and both are good. If your carnivore diet includes cheese, you can add some cheese as well. You could even make an omelette with cheese and some ground beef. Liberally apply salt and add a little pepper. If you want to stray into other seasonings - check the ingredients. You’d be amazed how common sugar, soy, and corn syrup are. Note that eggs , cheese, and pepper all have carbs. If you eat any of them, then you’re not really zero carb.

A good compliment to eggs, and a common carnivore food, is steak, which you’re probably eating a lot of anyway. You can cook a steak dinner at night, and save some for the morning with your eggs. Steak isn’t the best reheated, but it also isn’t bad cold. The rarer the steak the tenderer it will be cold.

I would recommend that you not eat breakfast at all. Once you’ve been on the carnivore diet for a few weeks, you’ll find that your cravings are gone, your hunger levels are significantly lower, and you can easily get by on two or even one meal a day.

If you are seriously considering (or have already started) the carnivore diet, you’re probably already familiar with intermittent fasting / One Meal A Day (OMAD). I’ve been doing OMAD for a while now without a problem. The transition from carbs to zero carb is though. The move to OMAD is easy by comparison.

I would recommend easing into it by skipping breakfast and just eating lunch and dinner, and then eventually just eating dinner. Your goal is to maximize the time you’re not eating (that’s what causes the health benefits), so you’re not doing yourself any favors by eating just breakfast and dinner (technically you’re a little better off than eating three meals a day, but you’re much better off eating breakfast + lunch or lunch + dinner).

I typically cook up 5-6 eggs and one large ribeye steak and eat both for dinner. It’s plenty of food to keep me energized until the next day, and I suspect it will be for you too.

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