Benefits of Publishing to a Medium Publication


I started blogging recently on and cross-posting them to Medium and (sometimes), Indiehackers, and Reddit.

I posted a technical article a few months ago about serving a Vue website from NestJS. I wrote it because I had googled that phrase and didn’t see anything. It was pretty straightforward to figure out, but I figured some people might find it helpful if I wrote an article serving that exact use case.

The Offer

I wrote the article and posted it to Medium and, not thinking much about it. The next day I got an email: Email Offer

Is It Worth It?

I’m not sure how publications make money, but this seemed like a win-win to me. I get more exposure for my post and they get free content for their publication.

They added me as a writer, which let me suggest adding the article to their publication. They accepted it.

Traffic On Medium

I typically get 0 traffic from Medium. I’m not exaggerating. This was the traffic implication of writing for the publication:

Traffic Numbers

I also got a couple new followers on Medium.

Implications for my Site

One note - because this was a cross post I made sure to use the Medium import functionality (rather than copy pasting), which tells Google that the original source was not the Medium article but the version on I can’t say for sure to what degree all the viewers on Medium helped this page rank, but it ranked significantly quicker and better than other posts.

I’m now in spot #4 for the search “vue nest”


And I’m ranking for all kinds of keywords: Keywords

For a total of about 40 views and 1200 impressions since the post went live: Summary


If your goal is to get more people to read your content, then I’d say adding your article to a publication is a good idea. Like any blog, a Medium publication is incentivised to have as many (relatively high-quality) posts as possible. Thus, I suspect I could get more Vue posts added to their publication and get similar levels of traffic without having to promote the articles myself. That’s pretty cool.

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