End-User Training: Results

This post is about my software product Hyperion. You can read more about it here.

My decision to offer end-user training was a good idea.

Out of the 16 organizations using the software, many were either out of state (and a plane ticket was cost prohibitive) or offering only online training. I participated in 5 trainings across 3 organizations.

One was so close that I didn’t ask them to pay. For the other 2 I asked for them to cover my gas and a hotel room for the night.

This was the first financial committment I’ve received since I started working on the software in July 2019 (6 months ago). Although I’ve had good reasons to suspect that the software is something these organizations would pay for, this was still a relief.

I did the trainings hoping to learn how to make the product better. I found a number of ideas, but one struck me more than the rest.

The volunteers need to visit a particular URL, tied to the non-profit organizing the PIT count. It would look something like this: pitcounter.com/ABCD123.

In one training of six volunteers, half of them did this:


As a tech-savvy person, I didn’t appreciate that many people lack a working understanding of URL navigation. To many people, a search engine is the internet.

Once people did get to the site, what was the first thing they wanted to do? Add it to their home screen.

I originally chose to use a website rather than a native app because I thought it would be easier for people. Just paste this URL into your address bar! What could be easier?

I now think this was a mistake. I think they would have had less trouble downloading an app through the app store.

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