Do You Get Constipation on the Carnivore Diet?

Constipation on the Carnivore diet is very common. What’s even more common is people thinking they have constipation.

The average person has pooped over 3500 times by the time they turn 18. Over that many poops, who wouldn’t build up a set of expectations?

You might expect your poops to stay the same on carnivore. They won’t.

Food digests at different speeds based on what sort of food it is.

Fiber moves through quickly because your body can’t get anything out of it. That’s why fiber makes you poop - it shoves everything else through your intestines.

Meat is the opposite. It crawls through your body because you get so much out of it. When you eat meat you might think you’re constipated. You’ll have smaller and fewer bowel movements.

These aren’t signs of a problem, they’re what’s expected on carnivore.

You can actually become constipated, of course.

If you are constipated, then you should do the opposite of what’s mentioned in the article on diarrhea. Eat fattier cuts of meat and add more butter or tallow to your food. The higher fat content will cause your body to produce more bile and speed up your digestion.

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