Minimum Viable Content Marketing

  • Expect to write 40k words total.
  • Write 3-4 articles of 4-7k words.
    • “Title should be something like ‘The Ultimate Guide to a huge problem your audience faces’” (based on high-volume search term you want to rank for)
    • A dozen subsections (based on long-tail search terms).
  • Write 10-15 articles of 800-1200 words.
    • Each should hit a long-tail search term, “such as reviews of certain products, lists (top 10 ways to..), and searches with lower search volume but a good chance to rank for.”
  • Write 7 guest posts of ~800 words.
    • These are for the contextual backlinks.
    • Cold email related businesses who have blogs (if you sell skateboards, then find skateparks).
    • Cold email blogs and influencers that write about your industry.
  • Drive traffic by answering Quora posts with a link. Use images to get more Quora answer real estate.
  • Create backlinks by publishing articles on Reddit, Medium, Lifehacker, etc.
  • After about three months, once you have some amount of traction, “Here, you need to go into Google Webmaster and organise the ‘search analysis’ dashboard so that you’re going through each individual page looking at the ‘position’ and search queries it ranks for. This is a bit of a manual process, but you should be identifying keywords that have a high search volume and cross checking that with the competition score. The goal here is to identify the keywords Google has started ranking you for and optimising the article to push it further up. In other words, the fact that your article is already ranking for these keywords so soon is good, but now it’s time to bulk it up and push it further up. It’s important not to remove any existing content, though, as we still want it to rank for other keywords. We’re just helping it along. You then record that all down and go back to your writers, and give them instructions to add around 20% content to each article by focusing on adding more content around these keywords. The result is that your articles will get pushed up much faster, as Google has basically hinted at what it sees the value of this article to be around, and you’re now satisfying Google’s algorithms more, so they reward you by pushing you up.”


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