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Sources: - https://www.perell.com/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-writing-online - https://www.perell.com/blog/why-you-should-write


  • Have a “start here” page explaining who you are.
  • As an alternative/compliment to original material work on curation.
  • Writing advice:

    • Use stories to illuminate what you’re trying to say.
    • Write in short sentences.
    • Make one point per sentence.
    • Communicate with a smooth and natural tone, as if you’re talking to a friend at a bar.
    • If you have writer’s block, you don’t have enough notes, so rather than starting with a blank page, start with an abundance of notes.


  • “When you publish ideas, you create your own ‘Serendipity Vehicle’ – a magnet for ideas and people and opportunities from potentially every corner of the globe.”

  • ”…create the best guide you can, email it to people who have an audience, and drive people back to your website.”

  • “Distribution is the secret of the most successful blogs. Writing well is the cost of entry, but distribution takes you to the top. Unfortunately, most writers overlook distribution.”

  • “There are different strategies for succeeding on any given platform, but if you can build just one strong distribution channel, that’s all it takes to become a successful online writer. Focus on one platform, and as you build an audience, redirect those visitors to your website so you can grow your email list.”

  • “Finding a community like Ribbonfarm or Less Wrong is one of the fastest ways to spin up an audience. And if you can’t find a community, write for a specific person with a big audience. Whether you write for a community or an individual, if you can attract the gaze of big accounts who promote your work, your audience will grow.”

  • “If you want to nail the basics of SEO, you only need to stick to three simple rules: (1) publish excellent articles, (2) coin new terms such as Naked Brands and The Never-Ending Now, and (3) avoid competition by using an uncommon name. For example, if you have a popular name like ‘Laura Allen’ or ‘Mike Smith,’ you should consider a pen name. Otherwise people won’t be able to find you. Some of my favorites are ‘The Gotham Gal’ and ‘The Finance History Guy.’”

  • “The best online writers are driven by five pillars: (1) evergreen content, (2) quality, (3) specificity, (4) listening to feedback, and (5) building a body of work.”

  • “Prioritizing evergreen articles is the single best constraint you can give yourself.”

  • “One friend who is a very successful online writer measures the success of a post by how many interesting emails he receives from it.”

  • “Build a targeted audience. The more narrow and niche the topic, the better.”

  • “Many writers wait until they publish a blog post to share an idea with somebody. I do the opposite. I share my ideas as much as I can and run them through numerous filters. I move from conversations, to tweets, to emails, to blog posts.”

  • “By writing online, you’ll lose the “outbound” perspective and adopt an “inbound” one. The paradigm flips once you have a following around your ideas. Once you attract a critical mass of like-minded individuals, you can attract opportunities instead of searching for them. It’s about the quality of readers you attract, and about the relationships you build with people around the world, based on the quality of your ideas.”

  • “In short, you can build an online reputation in three steps:

    1. Pick a high value, emerging industry.
    2. Learn as much as you can.
    3. Share what you learn on your personal website.”
  • “The ultimate goal of building a personal brand is to have a “Personal Monopoly.” You want to be known as the best thinker in a skill or a topic.”

  • “Once you’ve found your niche, write about every aspect of it. The history. The people. The key concepts. Explore every nook and cranny, and write about the best things you discover.”

  • “Pick a small, but ever-growing market and learn everything you can about it. Build expertise before the other settlers arrive. Then, share everything you learn. If you can create a body of work before the wave of popularity arrives, you’ll be well positioned to capitalize on it when other people are looking for an authority.”

  • “If you can advertise your valuable skills in an entertaining way, you’ll attract more opportunities than you can possibly entertain.”

  • “A well-written article can change your life because the internet rewards people who think well.”

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